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Recreational Nitrox Diver

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Nitrox. Almost everyone involved in diving has heard the word. What is it? Who uses it? Is it too technical? How will it benefit me?

The truth is that Nitrox is for everyone and anyone who wishes to benefit from all that Nitrox Diving has to offer. Our Recreational Nitrox Diver Course is the finest around due to the program's day of lecture, broader depth of knowledge and the included, two Nitrox dives.

The course includes a TDI Nitrox Student Manual, a TDI Plastic EAD and PO2 tables, a TDI Sticker, an attractive TDI zippered bag and our Student Workbook, a day of lecture, two supervised certification dives and the use of two filled Nitrox tanks during your open water dives.

During the lecture we review the Pros and Cons of Nitrox, History, Physics, Physiology, Equipment Requirements, Dive Tables, Common Blending Procedures and Proper Dive Planning Procedures, all with respect to safe Nitrox Diving. You also get hands-on skill practice analyzing and logging Nitrox cylinders. Not included are any entrance or boat fees.

The open water Nitrox dives can be conducted at Dutch Springs during any of our Advanced Weekends, or during any of our Club trips. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a TDI Nitrox Diver certification card.

Please check the Calendar for the dates this course will be held.

Remember, at Tiedemann's we have been helping people to learn to dive for over 20 years. Our expertise means you get the most thorough education possible and that's what it's all about. Call us today at 516-796-6560 to hold a spot in the next class and make arrangements to pick up your Home Study kit.