About Tiedemann's
Diving Center

We would like to take the chance to say welcome to Tiedemann's Diving Center Online. We want you to know something about the people and history that makes up the Tiedemann's Diving Center. All to often we meet and work with people and know little or nothing about them. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with Tiedemann's Diving Center. A short history can help. Here goes...

Edwin Tiedemann - 1963Tiedemann's Diving Center started as Underwater Advisors Inc. in December 1968. It was a dream of some young kids to do what they loved - teach diving. Starting with a few tanks and regulators and a used compressor, the team starting teaching SCUBA at any pool that they could. As a model for their teaching programs they used Queens College SCUBA program which was one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country. In the Fall of 1968 our first college program was started at Hofstra University. As time went on other schools were added. These included; Adelphi University, SUNY @ Farmingdale, CW Post College and Pace University. Evening programs where developed for the general public. These included; Great Neck Adult Education, Westbury Adult Education, Hofstra Continuing Education department, Town of North Hempstead and SUNY @ Farmingdale Workshops.

SCUBA is an equipment intensive sport. For the thousands of people that we were teaching to dive getting the right equipment at a good price had been a problem. So in 1981 a small retail operation was opened to enhance the educational programs. This small shop started out to be just a shop for our students to purchase equipment. As other divers discovered Tiedemann's Diving Center, we started to grow. Our selling philosophy is a simple one. Help your customers get what is right for them at a good price and then take care of them. So much of what goes on in diving retail is very opportunistic. Sure other dive shops will sell you equipment but do they take the time and effort to make sure it is right for you. A perfect example of our philosophy is that fact the someone taking our beginning SCUBA class does not have to buy any equipment. Every other program requires their students to purchase a few hundred dollars worth of equipment before they even know how much they like the sport. This type of pressure selling is not part of our way of doing things.

When people are ready to purchase equipment from us they will find that we will take the time that is needed to do it right. We, at Tiedemann's, carry the equipment we trust and believe in. Any SCUBA manufacturer would love to be in our shop. We have the equipment we have because the companies that we carry have shown to care about our customers as much as we do. Companies that will do the extra things that will keep our customer happy. By dealing with these excellent companies we can offer a level of service that everyone appreciates. Some of these companies may not be the biggest they are just the best.

There are many things that go into a great diver - good training, the right equipment and experience. The building of experience has always been number one with us at Tiedemann's. Helping divers to get out and dive is one of the things we do best. We offer a large selection of specialty courses. We offer local beach and wreck dives through our dive club, the Long Island Groupers. We offer a complete dive travel service. We offer escorted dive trips.

Our history makes us what we are. We hope that we can help you in any way possible to enjoy your diving a little more. Helping you to be the best diver you can be is what we are all about.