Directions to
Dutch Springs
Updated: 06/11/2007

Dutch Springs Area Map.

We've put together a local map showing relative locations, distances and phone numbers of the accommodations nearest Dutch Springs. Also includes the location of our favorite group dinner place - Perkins!

Copies available in the shop. Also available as a hi-resolution pdf download. (2 MB)

Depending on how you go, Dutch Springs is about 2 hours from the shop.  Below are directions on how to get there.

Use one of the bulleted methods below to get to I-78 heading West.

Continue on I-78 West through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania.  Once into Pennsylvania, follow I-78 to Exit 71, (North to Route 33 / Route 22 Stroudsburg).  Follow 33 North to the 22 West (Bethlehem) exit.  Take Route 22 West to the first exit, Route 191 Nazareth Pike and make the right to head North onto 191.

Take Route 191 to the intersection with a traffic light next to which you'll see the Hanoverville Road sign hanging.  There is also a drive up ice cream stand called "The Spot" diagonally across from intersection. Make the left onto Hanoverville Road and follow it, over the train tracks, to Dutch Springs which will be on your left side.

Upon entering Dutch Springs, you will see a parking area on the right. Park here, go to the booth, fill out their waiver (if you have not already) and pay your entrance fees.  Make sure that you review the rules and regulations of the Quarry so that you will not have any problems.  If you are also diving Sunday, you can also pay for your Sunday entrance admission and any fills you will need over the weekend.

For training, the Tiedemann's group will be located on the Student side.  For the BBQ we will be located at the Pavilion.

Special Note: If printing directions from the Internet, most Internet based mapping websites do not seem to have Route 33 extending all the way south to I-78 in Pennsylvania yet.  The extension was finished last year and these websites may not have been updated.  Directions you print may require you to exit I-78 at Exit 3 in New Jersey and take Route 22 starting from there.  While this route will still get you there, it goes through the heart of Phillipsburg and Easton, has lots of lights and is not as quick.

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