Annual April Fools Dive

Saturday, April 6 - 2013

Join Jim Vafeas and a jolly bunch of fools for their Annual April Fools Dive at Dutch Springs.

To start off the local dive season, Jim heads out to Dutch Springs for a day of fun diving, good food and hot chocolate the first weekend they are open - which is the first full April weekend after the Beneath the Sea dive convention.

For those who have not been in the water for a while it's a great way to shake out those cobwebs and make sure all your Winter-overhauled equipment is ready for another season of intense diving!  For us drysuit divers, it's also a great way to determine our thermal tolerance for the early season wreck dives.

We will have a BBQ available to cook up anything you would like for us to grill during our surface interval lunch break.  We will also be serving fresh hot chocolate to warm us up for our second dive.

We've had great attendance over the years so if you are interested sign up at the shop.

In the event of inclement weather (cold rain/sleet/snow) we will have an alternate April Fools dive date to be determined.

Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker by Mr. Coffee