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Jim Vafeas

Jim Vafeas is one of the Staff Instructors here at Tiedemann's Diving Center, but since he doesn't work in the shop, you may not know him as well as you do the rest of us.  Here's some background information on Jim V:

1986 Begins his diving career by innocently enrolling in a Physical Education course elective taught by Jeanne and Ed Tiedemann while attending Hofstra University in the Fall.

Completes his NAUI
Open Water Certification dives in November and December in Noyak, Long Island in preparation for the annual Central Florida trip in January 1987.
1987 Complets his Advanced Certification and does mostly local Wreck Diving through the early 1990's.  Some of those great beginner wrecks included the Black Warrior, Pipe Barge, Mistletoe, Valerie E., Fran S. and Iberia.
1994 Enters the DiveCon and Assistant Instructor program here at Tiedemann's after interviewing several local diveshops about their Instructor programs.
1995 Begins his Scuba Equipment Repair Technician apprenticeship program through Tiedemann's which would be completed in late 1996 through a 5-day certification course taught at Hall's Diving Center in Marathon, Florida.  Becomes our main Repair Tech through 1997.
1996 In January , earns his NSS/CDS Cavern and Introduction to Cave Diver certifications as well as becoming Nitrox certified.  In the Fall he also completed a PSI Cylinder Inspection course.

In August, completes an Instructor Preparatory weekend with
Lifeguard Systems who later certified him as a NAUI Instructor during their NAUI ITC in Bonaire that December. At that time, Tiedemann's was not yet an SSI Instructor Trainer facility.  Besides Jeanne and Ed, he is the longest active staff instructor at Tiedemann's.
1997 Becomes our TDI Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor and established the most thorough Recreational Nitrox course on Long Island.
1999 Starts the East Coast Dive Tour, weekend trips to not-too-distant drivable locations along the East Coast and Canada to explore other shore and wreck diving opportunities.
2001 Completes his TDI Advanced Nitrox certification, a course he now teaches here at Tiedemann's.
2004 Earns his TDI Advanced Nitrox and TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor certifications - courses he now teaches for us
2006 Participates in the Divers Alert Network / Michael J. Norwood Memorial Fund dive where he dove with Deep Sea Detective hosts John Chatterton and Richie Kohler.

2006 In July, completes his 500th successful logged dive on the wreck of the U-352 off Morehead City, North Carolina.

In December, becomes one of the first students at Tiedemann's to earn his Divers Alert Network
Diving Emergency Specialist certification.
2007 In March, becomes a Medic First Aid CRP/First Aid/AED Instructor and a DAN Instructor for several courses.

Begins co-teaching DAN classes at the annual Beneath the Sea dive convention in Secaucus, NJ.

In August, earns his Apprentice Cave Diver certification.
2008 In January, earns his Full Cave Diver certification
2011 Begins solo teaching DAN classes at the annual Beneath the Sea dive convention in Secaucus, NJ.
2012 Becomes a React Right instructor for Tiedemann's

Jim also covers several topics during our Master Diver Lecture Series. He also  maintains our website and coordinates the mailing of the Monthly eNews.

Jim lists his Wreck Diving schedule which is open to all Club Members.  Feel free to join him on any of them.

Jim dives primarily with Poseidon and Apex regulators, Worthington and Faber tanks, OMS Backplates, Dive Rite bladders, OS Systems and Harvey's drysuits, Suunto dive computers, OMS bottom timer, OMS and Turtle fins and Green Force, Halcyon and Intova dive lights.

Jim can be contacted via email at jimv(at)tdconline.com.

Training at Dutch Springs 2006
Photo by Jen McCarthy

At Ginnie Springs 2004
Photo by Scott Fried

At Ginnie Springs 2008
Photo by Elisha Gibson