Tiedemann's Annual Picnic

Sunday, August 6, 2017

This year our Tiedemann’s Picnic will be held on Sunday, August 6 at Dutch Springs in Pennsylvania.

Every year for the last 30 years or so the Tiedemann’s diving family has gotten together to celebrate what we all love - Diving.  Over the years, the way things were done has changed but the theme of “going diving with friends” - old and new - remains.

The Diving - If you have been to Dutch Springs to get certified or take an advanced class with us, you got a chance to see just part of what Dutch Springs has to offer on the "Student Side."

Our picnic is a great opportunity to see the rest of the park.  We will be on the other side of the park (Peninsula Side) with many more interesting and exciting attractions to dive on; the helicopter, crane, submerged island, the airplane and trolley car, just to name a few.

By setting up on that side of the park, where the pavilion is, we get a brand new experience.  Add to that the fact we will be only a few feet from the water park, and you'll have a fun filled day. The water park is great for all our non-diving friends and family (and for us too)!

The Food - What would a picnic be without food and we have all the bases covered.

First we will be catering with a great food from Wegmans.  To help to make the food more personal some club members are bringing that special dish that just says “Summer”.  Every family has one.  Everyone is chipping in $15 ($8 for kids 9 and under) to cover food and drink. With those funds we will be getting great food and drink to enjoy all day long.

The Cause - One thing that helps to make an event like this interesting is a “Cause”.  This year we will be working to raise money for the League for Animal Protection - LAP.  LAP has been helping to find homes for animals and helping to control unwanted animal births with Spay and Neutering programs.

We are getting donations from diving manufacturers, local businesses and club members to raise money. There will be some great donations and you will have a chance for you to make a donation and get a chance to win one of these great prizes.  In the past we have given away everything from BCs to tanks. Our local community has also been generous.  As an example Dominicos Restaurant has always given a gift certificate.

To help the Cause you can purchase raffle tickets at the picnic and use them for a chance to win one of the great donations.  The raffle tickets are $1 each - 12 for $10 - 25 for $20. If you wish to take a charitable deduction on your taxes you can purchase your tickets with a check made out to “LAP”.

Also to help the cause - if you or the company you work for, would like to donate something that we use at the raffle that would be great. Many of our club members will donate gear that can be used as prizes to help raise as much money as possible.  Every little bit helps.

The Club - our dive club - The Long Island Groupers - is how we can have events like this.  Club membership means that we can offer things like this in the future.  Membership is only $25 and is good for one year.  Club members receive early details on trips and events and a 20% discount on rental gear.  Please consider becoming a member.

The Equipment - since this is a Tiedemann event the big Scuba van is coming and that means any rental gear you need will be taken to and from Dutch Springs at no extra charge.  All rental arrangements must be made in advance.  Rental fees are: tank - $20 per day, Weights - $10 per day, wet suit - $15 per day, hood - $5 per day, BC - $15 per day, regulator - $15 per day (this is a typical rental - it is $80 or $64 if you are a club member), light - $5 per day and computer - $10 per day.

If you wish to join us, please stop into the shop or call us at 516-796-6560 and we'll help you set everything up.