Wreck Dives

Dive Schedule

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10 Tips to a Successful Wreck Dive

Unless otherwise indicated, all wreck dives listed below simply indicate when a Tiedemann's Diving Center representative will be on a local wreck dive. Booking of your spot must be done directly through the named charter captain (except Wreck Valley) who you will deal with directly on all issues.

Our representative is a paying customer and is only there to assist in a basic way. They are not required to provide you with a dive buddy (the captain will provide one if necessary) or additional equipment, but can answer any questions you may have and may provide additional information, experiences and strategies about the dive.

Below are tentative Wreck Diving dates for the 2011 dive season.  All single day
dive dates are subject to change until Pending Status becomes Confirmed.

Dates Wrecks Depth Charter and
Status TDC

Fire Island Reef 70' Garloo Confirmed
Call 845-735-5550 to book your spot if you are qualified for this dive.
Ed Tiedemann

The cost for wreck diving varies from $85.00 for an inshore, 1-tank dive to $120.00 or more for an offshore, 2-tank dive.

The Departure time is the time the boat leaves the dock. Ask the captain what time he wants you at the dock for gear loading, sign-in and a safety briefing.  You must book all charters on your own.

More information on the wrecks we will be diving can be found in our various Wreck Diving books we stock.