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Black Warrior

Image courtesy of Wreck Valley Multi Media Shipwreck CD Image courtesy of Wreck Valley Multi Media Shipwreck CD

The Black Warrior was built 1852 and owned by the New York and New Orleans Steamship Co. The wood ship was 225 feet in length and weighed 1,556 gross tons and carried mail, passengers and cargo through her voyages. Aside from being fully rigged with sails, she also had two steam-driven side wheels.

On February 20, 1859, the Black Warrior ran aground on Rockaway Bar. At first, she was resting easy and no trouble was anticipated in towing her off. Unfortunately, The Black Warrior struck at high tide, and although during the next few days every effort was made to save her, she settled deeper and deeper into the sand. Finally, on February 24, during high tide, she was moved about one hundred feet before grounding again. That same day a gale blew up and the once proud Black Warrior was pounded to pieces.

The Warrior now rests in 30 to 35 feet of water. She is all broken up and spread out over a large area. Although most of her brass artifacts have been recovered, lucky divers may still find anything from brass spikes, silverware, and portholes. Take note that the eating utensils found here have the vessel's name engraved on their handles.

Wreck Descriptions provided by
Dan Berg/Aqua Explorers

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