Long Island Wrecks

Fran S.

Image courtesy of Wreck Valley Multi Media Shipwreck CD

The Fran S was an 84 foot tug boat built in 1899. She sank in Jones Inlet during a dredging operation in the early 1970's in 18 to 20 feet of water.  A hazard to navigation, two years later  she was raised off the bottom, towed out to sea and re-sunk on the southwest corner of the Atlantic Beach Fish Haven.

The Fran S now sits upright in 70 to 80 feet of water, six miles out of Debs Inlet. Her hull serves as an artificial reef, providing refuge for a wide array of aquatic life as well as an interesting dive location. It's almost commonplace for divers to see eight to twelve pound black fish swimming in and out of her upper structure.

Wreck Descriptions provided by
Dan Berg/Aqua Explorers

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