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The Mistletoe was a wood hulled side wheel steam ship built in Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1872. She was 152.6 feet long had a 26.7 feet beam, displaced 362 gross tons, 147 net tons and was powered by a 370 horsepower engine.

On May 5, 1924, the Mistletoe caught fire and shortly after, she sank and now sits a few miles off Far Rockaway.

The Mistletoe now lies in 42 feet of water, four miles southwest of East Rockaway Inlet, (Debs Inlet) in an area known as Wreck Valley. Her remains provide homes for lobster, ling, black fish and even small cod. Divers can recognize the remains of her paddle wheels and her boiler as well as lots of copper sheeting. The copper sheeting had been used to plate her hull so worms couldn't eat through the wood. Divers can also find brass spikes on the wreck, but most require a good amount of work to remove.

The Mistletoe is ideal for the beginner or novice wreck diver, her shallow depth, and lack of strong current make the dive relatively easy, and certainly enjoyable to explore.

Wreck Descriptions provided by
Dan Berg/Aqua Explorers

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