Equipment Rentals

Even if you don't own your own equipment, don't let that stop you from doing the diving you love.

Tiedemann's Diving Center is the only dive shop that has new regulators, BC's and wet suits in our rental program EVERY YEAR!  When you come to our shop, you can be assurred that the equipment you are renting is the latest and the greatest we can put into our program.

For the new year we are proud to be offering the latest models of some of the best gear in the industry.   Here is what you can expect to be using in class or for rentals during this diving season:

  • Aqua Lung Titan Regulators
  • Seaquest Air Source Alternate
  • Suunto Triple Gauge Console
    (Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge and Compass)
  • Aqua Lung Maverick Weight Integrated BC's
  • OMS LP Steel Cylinders
  • Atlan 7mm and Neosport 5mm Wetsuits

We also have expanded our equipment rental program.  We now rent:

  • OS Systems Drysuit systems (complete)
  • Henderson Hyperstretch hoods
  • Oceanic Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV's)
  • Digital Underwater cameras (Sealife)
  • Film Underwater cameras (Ikelite)
  • Oceanic Dive computers
  • Snorkeling vests
  • Diver Flags and Floats


Call the shop at 516-796-6560 for Information.