Regulator Overhauls &
Equipment Repairs

Donít forget to have your regulators overhauled this year. Having your units done once a year means that you can always count on the regulator being ready to go and working properly. At Tiedemannís we do regulators right. This means we actually break down the regulator to each individual part. The parts are clean and replaced (as needed) and then the unit is put back together as good as new. Regulators are then tested and adjusted to peak efficiency. All this takes time. If you would like us to do your regulator overhaul please plan to get it in to the Center as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on no short cuts. We do not just change the filter, clean the hoses and adjust the breathing and call that an "overhaul". This is a major problem in the dive industry. We are working hard to make sure that a diver can have his or her regulator overhauled the way the manufacturer intended it to be done. Have your regulator done the right way. Once a year bring it in for the best possible service. This time of the year is the best time. Just before that great Winter dive vacation or the start of the local dive season.

Taking care of your equipment is important in any sport. Taking care of your equipment in SCUBA Diving is especially very important. One piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance is your regulator. The regulator should be overhauled on a regular basis. During a regulator overhaul, the unit is taken apart into its' component parts. All the parts are then cleaned. Each part is inspected and replaced if necessary. The regulator is then reassembled and adjusted. This is for the main regulator, octopus unit, tank inflation hose (for B.C.) and pressure gauge. When completed, the regulator will be like new. We recommend that this be done once a year (even if the unit is not used that much - "o" rings dry out etc.) or every 25 dives.

One problem that we have is that we do each regulator as if it were our own personal regulator. This takes time. We will only do an overhaul one way - the right way. If you want us to do your regulator, please plan ahead. Many people think about having their annual overhaul done a few days before they want to use the regulator. We tend to get many overhauls in the Spring as many people make plans for the diving season. Please keep this in mind as you make plans. Also this is a good time of the year to get your tank hydrostatically tested so it won't be tied up during the Summer when you want to use it. If you need some advice or information on equipment repairs, please feel free to call us, we'll be glad to help.