Jeanne's Travel Service

Nice...Warm...Yummy...Well you can have all of that by taking advantage of Jeanne Tiedemann's travel service. We have always prided ourselves when it comes to our instructional programs and in giving advice on equipment. We also have the information that you need when it comes to dive travel. Jeanne Tiedemann is the dive travel expert. To be the best, Jeanne has concentrated on Bonaire, Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Club Med and cruises. If you want someone who knows the details (and details can make or break a vacation) call Jeanne who has firsthand knowledge of these islands. Most travel agents aren't familiar with dive travel, Jeanne is a dive travel specialist. Let Jeanne set up that perfect vacation for you.

Jeanne is also a Club Med specialist. Let her set up a special Club Med vacation to Columbus Isle (Club Med's newest club) to do some very special diving.

Don't forget friends that vacations are an important part of a healthy life style. If you don't take the time to get away once in a while you're going to burn yourself out.