Used Equipment Locker

Buying used Scuba equipment can be a little scary.

The list goes on and on...  When you have an expert to help you get the answers you need - buying used equipment can be a great idea.  Save money and get the equipment you need to enjoy the wonderful world of Scuba Diving. Ed Tiedemann is just that expert.  With his help you can get just what you need.

Tiedemannís Diving Center has been offering great equipment from the day it opened.  Besides all the great new equipment, Tiedemannís Diving Center has taken trade-ins to help people get the new equipment they want.  Also Tiedemannís Diving Center has the best rental equipment around.  Renting only first class equipment from major manufacturers.  What this means to you is there is a place to purchase used equipment knowing that it has been thoroughly serviced and tested.  Tiedemannís Diving Center has been offering used equipment inspected under the watchful eye of Ed Tiedemann for over 30 years.

Clinking on the link below will open a pdf document with the most current equipment that Ed has checked out, serviced and placed into Tiedemannís Diving Centerís Used Equipment Locker.  All sales are in store only. Serviced items (regulator, octopus, computers, gauges) come with a one year guarantee unless otherwise noted.

Tiedemann's Used Equipment Locker.

Also included are lots of tips and tricks to selecting and purchasing your scuba equipment.

We hope you find this information useful.

Ed Tiedemann