Aluminum CylinderIn order to insure your safety and ours, Tiedemann's Diving Center will not fill any Aluminum SCUBA cylinder that has not had a Visual Plus inspection since the cylinder's last VIP.

Visual Plus LogoRecent cylinder aluminum explosions, deaths and injuries have prompted us to take this action. A Visual Plus inspection uses a specially designed low-frequency ultrasound probe and can detect faults that may even be missed in a Hydrostatic test! The added cost is only $5 per VIP, a small price to pay to know that your tank won't blow up on you, a loved-one or us

We will do our best to do inspections in a timely manner, trying to have them done the same day. If your tank was not inspected by Tiedemann's Diving Center, you may return to the shop where the VIP was done and see if they have any upgrade policy (in our area, other shops are starting to use Visual Plus as well).

If you wish, we will do the inspection and issue a new (good for one year) VIP sticker (with Visual Plus).

We at Tiedemann's Diving Center take diving seriously and safely. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.