Additional Courses


At Tiedemann's Diving Center we pride ourselves on offering the best possible instruction. All our programs offer divers the challenge of being the best divers they can be. Our Additional Certification Courses are some of the most challenging and rewarding courses taught in the industry today.  These excellent programs are typically more intense than Specialty programs - and with good reason.

DPV Diver Each program has it's own information section with all the details. Check out all the great diving you can do while learning to be the best diver you can be. Diving is an ongoing process of learning and improving. Those divers who are committed to continuous learning receive the benefit of getting more fun and enjoyment from their diving.

General Policies Applying to all
Specialized Diver Courses

  1. If you are interested in a Specialized Diver Course, book early as these courses are not run as often and class sizes are limited.
  2. Deposits are required for all programs and will vary accordingly.
  3. Balances are due before the dives and will vary accordingly.
  4. Students are required for any entrance fees, boat fees and additional air fills where applicable, except when certain fees are included in the program.
  5. Students taking more than one Specialized Diver Course at a time are entitled to discounts where applicable.