Tiedemann's Diving Center

Science of Diving

What can you do to make yourself a better diver?

Think about this - every time we go diving we use skills, knowledge and equipment to do something we were not designed to do – be underwater and breathing. Sometimes we forget just how amazing that is.

Well if you want to know about what science goes into us being able to be underwater and breathing - then this is the course for you. The Science of Diving touches on every aspect of diving. The modules will include:

1. The Physics – As humans, we are physically adapted to the natural land environment, which means that the “physics” of day-to-day living is instinctive. The effects of the underwater environment on the human body as well as the equipment used require the application of physics.

2. The Physiology – No other sport requires such an in-depth knowledge of how your body functions, because no other sport puts you in such a completely different environment. Under water, you cannot breathe without scuba equipment and your body goes through unseen changes.

3. Decompression Theory – Physics and Physiology can be reduced to three simple things: how depth, time, and rate of ascent can affect the body. Decompression theory is those limitations stated in dive tables and computers.

4. The Total Diving System – Equipment is an important part of any sport, it is the life support system in diving. This section deals with an in-depth look at that equipment.

5. The Aquatic Environment – The study of water and water movement is called “scuba oceanography.” The study of water creatures is called “aquatic life” for both ocean and fresh water inhabitants. The manual teaches divers all about both types of water and their inhabitants.

6. Introduction to Technical Diving The Aquatic Environment – During this Bonus lecture we'll define Technical Diving, discuss technical diving equipment and activities and include an overview of the different Technical Diving courses offered here at Tiedemann's.

All five of the lectures will be taped so if you miss a class you can watch the video. The day and time for the course will be Tuesdays from 7 to 9:00 PM. All lecture meetings will take place at Tiedemann’s Diving Center.  Check our Calendar for the exact dates of this course.

There is an optional pool session at Farmingdale College (part of our Scuba Alumni program at Farmingdale) at which we take a look at some of the physics of diving and some of the more interesting equipment. You may take the course without this pool session. It is offered at no extra charge. This will be planned with the class for a Monday evening.

This course counts toward your SSI Advanced Open Water Diver and SSI Master Diver program.

Don't miss the chance to be the best diver you can be. Knowledge is power! Take the time to develop that knowledge.  Class size is limited - so register early. Please stop in to the Center or call us at 516-796-6560 if you have any questions.