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Options for Certification Dives

Once you have finished the pool/lecture course, the next step is to take those skills and use them on a real open water dive. At Tiedemann's we have a number of different programs to help you do the dives that give you your certification. There are three different ways in which we can help you complete your training. Remember only after completing your open water dives will you be certified as an Open Water diver. You have six months to complete the open water dives after finishing your pool/lecture program.

One way to do your open water dives for certification is to set up a dive trip. On that trip you can be certified by another instructor. If you would like to complete your open water dives in Bonaire, Belize, Cozumel, Grand Cayman or Club Med... Jeanne Tiedemann's Dive Travel Service can set up the entire trip for you. You need not do your certification dives here in the Northeast unless that is what you are interested in - diving in the Northeast. If you decide to get certified on a trip we will issue you a student Referral which can be used with another instructor.

Another way to get certified is to join us on one of our escorted trips to some of the most interesting dive spots in the world. We have been running escorted group trips for over 20 years. During that time we have developed SCUBA Vacationing into a fine art. We have trips during the Spring, Fall, and Winter. You can plan to finish your SCUBA training and have a great vacation at the same time. Details of the trips can be found in one of our trip flyers.

Open Water DivesThe third way to get certified is to do your Open Water Dives during our Dutch Springs Weekend in Pennsylvania. The program at Tiedemann's is the best when comes to doing your dives locally. We have very strict student to instructor ratios. We have the best instructors on Long Island. Experienced instructors who are committed to giving you the best possible training. You will not be part of a "crowd" of divers waiting for your "5" minutes with the instructor. In our programs your instructor will work with you throughout the four dives. Some teaching facilities have programs that do not give you the attention you deserve. Before you do your open water dives (with another facility) find out how many students are going to be there and how many instructors are going to be there. Do you want to be part of an assemble line or do you want to be trained properly by the best? You don't want shortcuts when comes to doing your open water dives.

We hope that everyone that plans to dive here in the Northeast and Long Island area, will try to do their open water dives right here at home. Diving in our area can be fun and it has a diversity that can keep everyone happy. Our area offers beach diving which is simple and doesn't cost anything. We also have Dutch Springs, which is only a two hour dive, which has some of the best diving in the Northeast. Once you're certified you could try some of the shallow wreck dives with interesting artifacts and lobstering. All of these are right here with no need to travel thousands of miles. One other nice thing about local diving is that it is possible to get some great visibility, up to 50 feet at Dutch Springs and up to 100 feet on some of the off-shore wrecks. That's something to consider when you're thinking that you only want to dive in Florida or the Caribbean.

We have developed a two day program of training and fun that will give you the expertise needed to dive in our local waters. During the two days, you will be given the attention and guidance that will allow you to take all the skills that you have learned in class, and put them to use. We will take a look at local marine life, dive planning, divers log book, tides and currents, local rules and laws that affect diving, etc., etc. The whole program is set up so you will obtain all the open water experience needed to receive your Open Water Diver certification. If you took your pool/lecture work at another facility, you can still do your dives with us. Tiedemann's Diving Center is a proud member of NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors), PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) and SSI (SCUBA Schools International). Our open water program meets and exceeds all agency requirements. If you took your course at another facility you can get a "referral form" from your pool/lecture instructor and you do your open water dives with us.

To do the dives we will need a completed SCUBA medical from a physician. If you need the names of physicians that can perform the medical give us a call and we will give you some names.

To help you make your plans for the dives keep in mind that we do our local dives from May until November usually every other weekend during the Spring and Fall and every weekend during the Summer. It is even possible to set up special dates (even weekday programs) if our set of dates do not fit your schedule. Call for details.

The number of divers on each set of dates is very limited and we recommend that you plan to register early for the set of dates that you are interested in. If the program is planned for Dutch Springs there is the extra expense of room accommodations for Saturday evening. A deposit of on-third the cost is necessary. This will hold your place in the training session and hold a reservation on your rental equipment. The fee for the program includes all the instruction, your certification card and use of rental equipment. You will need to have your own personal gear (mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves) and log book. Our students receive a special discount on their personal equipment. The course fee will be adjusted if you use your own equipment (regulator, BCD, wet suit and tank). Reservations can be made in person at the Center, over the phone with a credit card or by mail.