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Are you ready to for a challenging and exciting weekend?

Open Water DivesAt a Tiedemannís Diving Center Dutch Springs weekend you can do just that. Only 2 hours from Tiedemannís Diving Center, Dutch Springs offers a great place for you to become a fully qualified and certified Open Water Diver. Like anything worth doing we want to do it right. Doing it right means planning. Remember that we use only experienced instructors who are interested in helping you become the best diver you can be. You will not be part of a "crowd" of divers waiting for your "5" minutes with the instructor. In our programs your instructor will work with you throughout the four dives. We follow very strict student to instructor ratios, so the number of divers we can take is limited. To help you to make plans, we have put together this information flyer with all the details. Read it over and then let us know when you want to join us for you open water dives.

The first step is to pick out a weekend that works for you. If you already have a buddy with whom you are doing the dives, check with them on what dates would be good for both of you. Our current Dutch Springs Weekend calendar can be downloaded in pdf format or pick up a copy at Tiedemannís Diving Center (we can mail it to you if you like). Next you will need to register. We need a $50 deposit to hold your spot.

Your total fee covers all your instruction, use of rental equipment for the entire weekend and your SSI certification card. Registration for a Dutch Spring Weekend can be done in person at Tiedemannís Diving Center, over the phone with a credit card, or by mail. Please note that all programs are contingent on adequate registration.

There are a few things you will need to do to get ready for your dives. Since diving locally can be physically challenging, you will need to have a SCUBA medical and have it completed by a physician. Your doctor needs to fill out our special SCUBA medical form, which we gave out in class. This medical exam can be done by your personal physician (some will do the whole thing via the mail Ė if they see you on a regular basis). If you donít have a doctor we can give you the names of physicians that can perform a SCUBA medical in our area. Call Tiedemannís Diving Center and we can give you their names and phone numbers. You will also need to make plans for rooms or camping for Saturday night. Camping at Dutch Springs cost $10 per person. It is tent camping with no set sites, there is a heated bathhouse. You need to provide your own tent and camping gear. If you wish to take a local room we have included a list of hotels. The area is very popular to plan to book your room early. If you wish to share a room or a ride, let us know and weíll try to introduce you to someone.

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You will need your own personal gear to do the dives. Your personal gear includes: mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves and log book. Remember as one of our students you receive a special discount on your equipment at Tiedemannís Diving Center. It is best to try your gear out during your class pool sessions. This way if you have any problems we can take care of them before you do your dives. We will be supplying you with a full wet suit, wet suit hood, weight belt, weights, BCD, regulator, alternate air source, pressure gauge, depth gauges and a compass. You should plan to come into Tiedemannís Diving Center on the Friday before the dives to: 1) pick up all of your equipment (all the above mentioned rental equipment and tanks) 2) finish any last minute paper work 3) turn in your SCUBA medical 4) make sure you have stopped by the shop to take your certification photo 5) turn in your Study Guide sheets and quizzes and 6) watch a pre dive video.

On your Dutch Springs weekend you should make plans to leave Long Island between 6:30 to 7:00 AM., Saturday morning. Dutch Springs is about 100 miles from Tiedemannís Diving Center in Levittown.  We should be able to finish by 4 PM on Saturday. On Saturday night we try to make plans to all go out for dinner together. Sunday morning we start at 8 AM sharp and we should finish between 1 and 2 PM. This gives you plenty of time to get back to Long Island.