Current Programs


Learning to dive is safe and simple. But it does require very special training. At Tiedemann's Diving Center we have devoted over 20 years to teaching diving. We have, through our training programs, introduced over 10,000 people to the sport of SCUBA diving. Our commitment to teaching diving has meant ongoing improvements to make our courses the very best. The programs that we teach today include the most up-to-date materials and techniques. We want only one thing, to teach the best possible SCUBA course. Our programs receive our full-time attention. As you consider which program you might like to take, keep in mind that we have an excellent private lesson program. This program is based on one to one instruction. You will have your own private instructor to work with.

Our private lessons program is made possible by the excellent teaching staff we have at Tiedemann's. We have instructors who will help you to develop the skills that are needed to become a safe diver. Private lessons may be the best way for you to get into the exciting world of diving. Private lessons are based on five lecture sessions (each about 2 hours long). Each multi-media lecture is a designed to guide you step by step as you develop the knowledge needed to be a safe diver. You will need to have a textbook which is used to prepare you for the lectures. These lecture sessions can be scheduled any time the Center is open and even after hours. The three pool sessions are arranged at your convenience. Each pool session is three hours long giving you plenty of time to develop your diving skills. All needed equipment will be at the pool ready to go. It is not necessary to purchase any equipment.

The cost of this program is very reasonable and you will receive a private instructor for the three pool sessions. The five lecture sessions are at your convenience at the Center on video and audio tape. If you wish to take it with a friend, the cost is reduced. Classes can be started at any time and we can even do the pool sessions at your pool during the Summer.

At Tiedemann's we have been helping people to learn to dive for over 20 years. Our expertise means you get the best possible education and that is what it is all about. Call us today and we'll create a program for you.