Open Water Dives

SCUBA Certification Referral Service

If you need to do your open water dives to get certified and you would like to do them in warm water then you should know about Tiedemann's Referral Service. After you have completed your pool/lecture portion of your SCUBA training the next step is your open water dives. Since you are not interested diving here on Long Island there is no reason that you have to do your open water dives here on Long Island.

If you are learning to dive so you are able to dive when you travel, then you can do your dives for certification on your next vacation. This can be the most enjoyable way to become certified. And it can be very cost effective. The average cost of doing your dives in warm water is about $150 to $200. That not only gets you certified but also gives you two great days of diving in the beautiful waters of Florida or the Caribbean. If you were certified and you just wanted to go diving for two days the cost would be about $120. This means you are paying very little extra to get certified.

Planning to do your dives on your next warm water vacation can be a simple as coming into Tiedemann's and talking to Jeanne Tiedemann. Jeanne is a dive travel expert. She can set up to entire trip or just your open water dives. And the planning service is free.

Wouldn't it be nice to book a vacation through someone who has been to your vacation spot and knows the islands well? Wouldn't it be nice to book a vacation through someone who can help you to get the best price? Wouldn't it be nice to have all these planning services and that don't cost you anything? That's right FREE.

Well you can have all of that by taking advantage of Jeanne Tiedemann's Dive Travel Service. We have always prided ourselves when it comes to our instructional programs and in giving advice on equipment. We also have the information that you need when it comes to dive travel. Jeanne Tiedemann is the dive travel expert. Most travel agents aren't familiar with dive travel, Jeanne is a dive travel specialist. Let Jeanne set up that perfect vacation during which you can get fully certified.