Scuba Rangers Program

Scuba Rangers Program!You may have heard and seen the news stories about young children, ages 8 and up, going Scuba Diving as part of a Scuba Ranger program.  Now, Long Islands premier diving school is offering a local Scuba Ranger program.

The program consists of five 2-hour pool sessions. Each session gives the kids a chance to have fun and learn about the wondrous underwater world. The Scuba Ranger kit gives kids a video to watch and a manual to have fun with. A big part of this program is making the learning fun. With each session your child receives another level of recognition of achievement. As your child progress in the program they are not only learning about Scuba Diving, but also about many important things that will help in everyday life. They learn about rules. Following the rules is an important part of being a safe Scuba diver. They will learn about the importance of working with others. When every diver goes diving, they always go with a buddy. They will learn about keeping track of their equipment and taking care of it. They will learn about self-control and how to deal with problems that might come up. They will learn to understand and appreciate how important our underwater world is to all of us.

Yeay for Scuba Rangers!If this sounds like a lot to learn Ė it is. But we will make it fun. Weíll use the thrill of Scuba diving and the fun of diving in a pool to help your child learn some of lifeís most important lessons. Educational professionals, the instructors at Tiedemann's Diving Center, have been teaching at schools such as Hofstra University, Adelphi University, CW Post College, SUNY @ Farmingdale for over 30 years. Is your child going to go back to school this Fall with the same old summer time stories, or is he or she going to tell their friends about the new adventures they having as a Scuba Ranger?

The cost of the program is $295. This course fee includes all the instruction and use of Scuba Equipment for the pool sessions. Your child will also receive a Scuba Ranger package to keep. This Scuba Ranger package (a $99 value) contains everything that your child needs to get the most from this program. This includes a manual, a videotape, a logbook, a diploma, a T-shirt and a carry case. At the end of the program your child receives a club card making them part of the national Scuba Ranger club and a one year membership in the Tiedemann's Diving Center Scuba Ranger club. Your child only needs to have their own mask, fins and snorkel (if they donít have they own mask, fins and snorkel we have specials on the equipment for members of the class).

Scuba Ranger clubs are forming all over the world. Check the National web site for details on Scuba Ranger actives worldwide. Tiedemann's Diving Center has formed a local club that is planning local activities to help to keep your child interest in Scuba. If your child wants to become a certified Scuba diver (this is a diving license that can be used around the world to go diving) he or she can take a special course (once they reach 12 years old) given by Tiedemann's Diving Center.

Donít let this chance to help your child do something special pass them by. Call today or stop in to Tiedemann's Diving Center and sign them up. Upon registration they receive their Scuba Ranger package and they can start having fun right away. Remember class size is very limited; we want to give every child the attention they deserve.