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Nitrox Gas Blender

Gas BlenderWe are pleased to announce a very special course being offered at Tiedemann's Diving Center.

The course, Nitrox Gas Blender, is being taught by Frank Copren. Frank is an Instructor Trainer for TDI (Technical Diving International) and ANDI (American Nitrox Divers International).

The ability to mix Nitrox is something that every nitrox diver is interested in. This program will cover all the details of blending Nitrox. As the popularity of Nitrox grows, being able to blend Nitrox is an excellent credential to have. Also knowing how blending is done can help you to make sure your mixes are done right. Every Nitrox diver, (and especially Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors) will find this program interesting and worthwhile. Successful candidates will be certified as a Nitrox Gas Blender.

The program is a full day starting 8:00 AM. All work will take place at Tiedemann's Diving Center in Levittown. The cost of the program includes your certification card, wall certificate and textbook. Please plan to pick up your textbook as soon as possible.

The number of candidates that can take the program is limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to participate. A deposit of $50.00 is needed to hold a place. The remaining money is due on the day of class. If you have any questions about the program you can reach us at the Center, 516-796-6560. Please check the Calendar for the dates this course will be held.