Diving Professional

To many people think becoming a Divecon is just an interim step on the way to becoming an instructor. But a Divecon program can be quite a bit more then just a "stepping stone". Our Divecon programs help you develop instructor level knowledge on every aspect of diving. Our Divecon program can help you to develop your personal diving skills to their full potential. Our Divecon program can give you a sense fulfillment that you will find in very few other things in life.

The Dive Control Specialist is a highly trained diving leader who is certified to act as a dive master for certified divers. He/she can also: teach snorkel diving, issue snorkel diver certifications, teach SSI SCUBA Skills Updates for certified divers and attend a SSI instructor course. These credentials made the Divecon one of the most sought after members of the dive leadership pool. Divecons are used throughout the world by professionally run Dive Shops and Dive Resorts.

DiveConThe program is open to divers who have 30 logged open water dives (needed by the time of certification), have completed a Stress/Rescue program, will be 18 years of age (at time of Divecon certification), have current certification in CPR, have current certification in first aid, have a current medical exam for diving, have Advanced Certification or equivalent, have Stress/Rescue certification or equivalent. Since the program is an apprenticeship many of the requirements can be met during the program.

The course is divided into having each candidate participate: in a series of lectures held a the Center to prepare candidates for the National Divecon exam, in open water pool training with actual students, in the open water dives in our OWD (Open Water Diver) program, in club recreational dives, in Tiedemann's AOW (Advanced Open Water) programs both lectures and dives.

Upon passing of all exams and completion of all pool and open water work candidates will receive Divecon certification and be able to purchase Professional Insurance from SSI. With insurance, a Divecon can work in diving anywhere in the world.

Each candidate upon signing up for the program will receive a Divecon Student kit includes the following:

Industry Medical Form and Directions
DiveCon Answer Sheets
Snorkeling Student Manual
Snorkeling Teaching Outline
DiveCon Student Binder with Inserts
DiveCon Kit Bag
DiveCon Buddy Team Slate
DiveCon Course Skills Log Page
DiveCon Student Folder
Update Instructor Manual
Update Field Guide
Update Record Card
SSI Training Standards

The cost of the program includes all course materials listed above (some extra books are recommended) and certification with SSI. A deposit is needed to start the program. The remaining money is due within 60 days of the start of the program. The course is run as hours to be arranged and may be started at any time. The approximate number of hours needed for the program is 24 hours at the Center for lectures and conferences, 30 hours in the pool work and 50 hours of open water work.