Diving Professional

Few goals in life can have such personal satisfaction as becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor. Teaching can be one of the most rewarding things that we can do. Teaching something that we really enjoy... there is nothing like it. And add to the fact you get paid and you can see why becoming a SCUBA instructor can be worth all the effort.

As a graduate of the instructor program you are a certified and insured instructor and you can teach: Junior SCUBA courses, Open Water Diver courses, SCUBA Skills Updates, Experienced Diver tests, Student Referral dives and Stress\Rescue Diver courses. Also as an instructor you can take a Dive Control Specialist Instructor seminar and be certified to teach Divecon programs. With an Advanced Open Water Instructor seminar you will be certified to teach Advanced Open Water and Specialties in areas where you have experience. This makes you someone that is needed by professionally run Dive Shops and Dive Resorts throughout the world.

The program is open to divers who are a certified Dive Control specialist or equivalent, and will have logged 100 open water dives (24 of which were during the last 12 months). The 100 open water dive requirement needs to be reached by the time the candidate is certified as an instructor. Candidates must also have a current medical exam for diving (less that one year old).

The course is broken down into a series of lectures held at the Center to prepare the candidate for the National Instructor exams and an apprenticeship time period to do practice teaching in lecture, pool sessions and open water. Upon completion of these requirements, the candidate will be evaluated by a SSI Instructor Evaluator. Approximate course time - 100 hours. For certified instructors from NAUI and PADI, a crossover program (to become a SSI Instructor) is available.

Each candidate upon signing up for the program will receive an Instructor kit which includes the following:

Instructor Manual
SSI Learning and Instruction Methodology Booklet
Student Training Folder
Instructor Training Folder
SSI Open Water Diver Manual
SSI Open Water Diver Workbook
SSI Open Water Exam
Exam Key
SSI Log Book
SSI Instructor Log Book
Navy Dive Table
Dive Table Work Sheet
Instructor Q-Cards
DAN Manual
Clinic Study Guide
Instructor Briefcase
Stress & Rescue - Manual, Exam, Record Card
Accident Management Slate
Instructor Manual
Exam Key and Q-Cards
SSI Training Standards
SSI Dive Business International Magazine

The cost of the program includes all course materials listed above (some extra books are recommended) and certification with SSI. A deposit of $500.00 is needed to start the program. A second payment is due within 90 days of start of program. A third payment is due within 180 days of start of program and the balance is due at the time of evaluation. The course is run as hours to be arranged and may be started at any time. The approximate number of hours needed for the program is 30 hours at the Center for lectures and conferences (another 15 hours at the Center for lectures may be needed if you did not take our Divecon program), 45 hours in the pool work and 30 hours of open water work.