Diving Professional

Master Diver Lecture Series

Have you ever wondered what a DiveCon or a SCUBA Instructor has to know in order to pass the series of exams required for certification? The academics are challenging and mastering them can be something that any diver can be proud of. Not every diver wants to be a Dive Master or Instructor but many divers want to know as much about diving as they can.

Ed Tiedemann and Instructor Jim Vafeas will be conducting a series of lectures that covers that body of knowledge. These lectures are on the same level as the Instructor lectures.

The program consists of six lectures presented on Tuesday evenings. The topics include:

Night 1 - Diving Equipment
Night 2 - Diving Physics
Night 3 - Diving Physiology
Night 4 - Decompression Theory & The Tables
Night 5 - Diving Environments
Night 6 - Introduction to Technical Diving

This is a great way to use your off-season time to help yourself be a better diver.

This series of lectures can be used as a prep course for a DiveCon. Since the lectures are the same, these lectures can be logged towards your certification. This series of lectures can also be used to develop the level of knowledge to qualify as a SSI Master Diver.

Check our Calendar for the exact dates of this course.

Don't miss the chance to be the best diver you can be. Knowledge is power! Take the time to develop that knowledge.  Class size is limited - so register early. Please stop in to the Center or call us at 516-796-6560 if you have any questions.