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SCUBA Repair Technician

Scuba Repair TechnicianThis program leads to certification as a regulator repair technician (SRT) for major SCUBA equipment manufacturers. Also included in the program is certification with PSI (Professional SCUBA Inspectors) as a SCUBA & SCBA tank inspector. In order to take the program candidates have to have good mechanical sense and equipment specialty certification. This can be SSI Equipment Techniques Specialty, NAUI or PADI Equipment specialist certification. Candidates must be 18 years of age.

During the regulator and BC repair portion of the course, the time will be divided into a series of lectures on general repairs and lectures on the repair of specific brands of regulators. Once the candidate has enough experience with one brand of equipment, the candidate will be allowed to attend a regulator seminar. During the seminar the candidates will finish their education with that brand of equipment and receive a manufacturers certification. This certification allows the SRT to repair that manufacturers equipment at an authorized repair center. During the program each candidate will be able to attend three repair seminars (more if time allows).

During the tank inspection portion of the course, the candidates will practice with real working tanks and learn the basics of tank inspection, valve overhaul and tumbling. Once comfortable with the principles of tank inspection, they will be signed up for a course though PSI (Professional SCUBA Inspectors) leading to National certification. Everyone who does tank inspection should be certified. This certification as a tank inspector can be a valuable asset for any diver looking for work in the diving world.

The cost of the program includes all course materials, PSI certification and 3 major equipment manufacturer certifications. A deposit of $200.00 is needed to start the program. The remaining money is due within 60 days of the start of the program. The course is run as hours to be arranged and may be started at any time. The approximate number of hours is 75 hours at the Center and 25 hours at seminars. Call the Center for an appointment today.