Boat Diving (Local)

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When thinking about Diving on Long Island we usually think about Wreck diving. SCUBA Diving and Wreck diving are almost synonymous here on Long Island.  Our local waters offer some great wreck diving experiences to satisfy all levels of divers.  Unfortunately, almost all of these wrecks must be accessed by boat and diving off these boats are unlike boat diving anywhere else.

To help prepare the local Wreck diver for the best possible boat diving experience, we are pleased to announce our new Boat Diving course for the Northeast diver.  This new program will best prepare you for what to expect when boarding a local dive boat for the first time.

This course is limited to 2 students per dive!

Since we only take 2 students on the dives, you receive very personalized instruction.  During your dives you will also be practicing skills learned during your Navigation, Night / Limited Visibility and Wreck Diving courses. (These 3 courses are prerequisites for our Boat Diving course.)

The cost of the program includes all instruction (one evening of lecture at the shop the Friday before the dives to review what is necessary for you to prepare for the boat dive, with additional lecture on the boat), and your Specialty certification in Boat Diving.

Each member of the class will need a full set of equipment and 2 tanks. Extra required equipment includes; a dive light, a line reel, a lift bag and a compass. Our Boat Diving course counts towards one of the programs needed for SSI Advanced Certification.

Members of the class will also need the SSI Specialty Diver book on Boat Diving and are responsible for booking and paying the charter captain directly for their own spot. The 2 dives required for certification can be completed on a Sunday during the months of June through October. Please check our online Calendar for the next date this course will be held.

Class size is limited to 2 divers per boat dive so if you are interested in taking our Boat Diving course, call us today at 516-796-6560 to hold a position in the next class for you.