Deep Diving

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Deep DivingOne of the most interesting types of diving that every diver should know about is deep diving. The skills of deep diving are important. As a diver being able to handle yourself under the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis and the time restraints of Decompression is something that you should experience.

Building experience in the area of deep diving can be invaluable to any diver. Learning to deal with the time restraints that the dive tables will place on divers will help any diver to be more comfortable and capable. You do not have to dive deep to enjoy diving. In taking this course you are simply becoming a better and more confident diver.

The deep diver program consists of one video session at Tiedemann's Diving Center and one day of diving at Dutch Springs Quarry in Pennsylvania. The lecture can be done anytime before the dives, just call the Center for an appointment. The diving for the course consists of two dives.

Each member of the class will need a full set of equipment, a pony tank set-up (which can be rented) and two tanks. Members of the class will also need the SSI Specialty Diver book on Deep Diving. Members of the class are responsible for Dutch Springs entrance fees and air fills. Please check the Calendar for the dates this course will be held.

A deposit of $35.00 will hold a spot for you. The total cost of the program includes all instruction and your Specialty certification with SSI in Deep Diving. This program counts as one of the programs needed for SSI Advanced Certification.