Dry Suit Diving

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Why do you need a Dry Suit?


Sounds like a strange question. No one likes being cold. Our local waters (especially on the wrecks) tends to be on the cold side. This is sad to consider how great diving can be on Long Island during the Spring & Fall when the water is at its' coolest. Well these problems can be something you don't have to worry about if diving with a dry suit. A dry suit can make all the difference. A dry suit allows you to dive warm and dry. A dry suit allows you to use under garments that are tailored to the temperature of the water you're diving in. A dry suit allows you to get the most out of your Wreck Diving, making every minute warm and comfortable. A dry suit allows you to extend your diving season.

Have you always wanted to try a dry suit but didn't know how to go about it? This is the program for you. If you have a dry suit and you want to get the most out of it and learn to use it safely? This is the program for you. If you do not have your own dry suit we will be using an O.S. Systems dry suit with warm under garments. OS Systems Dry Suits are the best in the industry. This SSI Specialty course consists of one evening of pool work and two open water dives at Dutch Springs in PA.

When it's all done you have a great experience and the chance to try a dry suit. Our next Dry Suit Diving course will be held during one of our Advanced/Specialties weekends at Dutch Springs. Check our line Calendar for the dates of our next course.

Don't do another dive and be cold. Get the suit that keeps you warm and dry and learn how to use it. Call, 516-796-6560, and discover how great diving dry can be.