Equipment Techniques

Tiedemann's Diving Center is offering the course that every diver should take; Equipment Techniques. This is the course that helps you to get the most from your equipment. This is the course that lets you make simple field repairs so you dive or dive trip will not be ruined.

Some of the equipment we will be covering includes; mask, fins, snorkel, wet suits, dry suits, buoyancy compensators, regulators, tank inflation system, gauges, timing devices, camera housings, dive computers, tanks (single and doubles) and lights. Field repairs and spare parts kits will be covered. Don't let a 95-cent part ruin your dive. Find out what is likely to have a problem and learn how to deal with it.

We know this will be a course that will be well worth it. Don't forget to bring your equipment to the class (except tanks or weight belts).

The course consists of two evenings of lectures at Tiedemann's Diving Center from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM.  Programs are run throughout the year. For upcoming dates on our next Equipment Techniques course check our Calendar.

This course counts as one of the programs needed for SSI Advanced Certification. At Tiedemann's Diving Center we pride ourselves on offering the best possible instruction. All our courses offer divers the challenge of being the best divers they can be. Our Advanced Diver program is one of these excellent programs with flexibility that allows the divers to make the course exactly what he or she wants it to be.

Register by phone, or in person at Tiedemann's Diving Center. Any questions? - Just give us a call at 516-796-6560.