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If you're planning to build something that is going to last,
start with a good foundation.

One of the most fundamental skills that every diver should know is how to navigate underwater. These skills are the basis for many of the things that divers need to be able to do during regular diving. Some skills are simple like getting back to the spot you started your dive from. Some are more complex like finding a lost object underwater. During our two dives together we will sharpen those navigation skills so you will be able to find your way no matter what type of diving you do.

From beach diving to wreck diving, navigation skills are used on every dive. If you are working on your Advanced certification keep in mind that we will be using our navigation skills as part of many of the other specialty courses we are teaching. Navigation skills are used in our archaeology work in mapping of the wrecks. We will use our navigation skills in our Search and Recovery courses, where we will locate and bring up lost objects. In night diving having good navigation skills can help to make the dive more enjoyable and less fatiguing. Good navigation skills mean no long swims because we know where we are.

The navigation program consists of one video session at Tiedemann's Diving Center and one day of diving. The video session can be done anytime before the dives, just call the Center for an appointment. Members of the class will also need the SSI Specialty Diver book on Underwater Navigation.

Our next Navigation course will be held during one of our Advanced/Specialties weekends at Dutch Springs. Check our online Calendar for dates.

If the course is taken on the same day that we are offering our specialty course Night Diving, you may do all the work to meet the requirements of both.

Register by phone, mail or in person at Tiedemann's Diving Center. Class size is very limited, so plan accordingly. Any questions? - Just give us a call at Tiedemann's Diving Center, 516-796-6560.