Night & Limited Visibility Diving

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Some divers are missing out on one of the most interesting forms of diving - Night Diving. Don't be one of these divers. Join us on one of our Night Diving Specialty courses that we will be teaching this year. This course will introduce you to the excitement that night diving offers. During the course we will also be looking at diving in limited visibility situations which will help you get more out of your local diving.

Night diving offers many things to divers. It offers a new perspective on old familiar dive sites. It offers an interesting new way of looking at aquatic life. It offers individuals a way to explore new realms and see new sights - at dive sites that you may have dived many times before. It also offers on Long Island - LOBSTERS. They are just walking around at night and feeding. Don't miss the chance to expand your diving with this simple and exciting course,

The program consists of one lecture session at Tiedemann's Diving Center and one day of beach diving. The lecture can be done anytime before the dives just call the Center for an appointment, On the day of the beach dives (two dives) we will meet for an afternoon dive to become familiar with the dive site and follow that with a night dive that will put our new found knowledge to work.

Our Night Diving courses will be held at Dutch Springs in PA. Each member of the class will need a full set of equipment and two tanks. Extra equipment needed includes a night diving light, a back up light and a "light stick", Members of the class will also need the SSI Specialty Diver book on Night Diving and Limited Visibility Diving.  Members of the class are also responsible for Dutch Springs entrance fees and air fills. Please check the Calendar for the dates this course will be held.

A deposit of $35.00 will hold a spot for you. The total cost of the program includes all instruction and your Specialty certification with SSI in Deep Diving. This program counts as one of the programs needed for SSI Advanced Certification.