Underwater Photography

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Of all the things that we could possibly do underwater "taking pictures" is number one. That what comes up in surveys of divers as to what they want to do while diving. Yet many divers are intimidated by the equipment that is needed and the knowledge that is necessary. It does not have to be this way. With the Aqua Shot housing from Ikelite any diver can try underwater photography. With this inexpensive recyclable camera fits right into the housing and allows great 35 mm shots with the minimum amount of fuss. Our program allows you the chance to develop some fundamental skills in underwater photography with this simple set-up.

From beach diving to wreck diving - underwater photography will make your diving more fun. If you've always wanted to share your diving experiences with non-diving friends, pictures are the perfect way. Being able to take pictures in the Long Island area means taking pictures on your next warm water vacation will be a "piece of cake".

If you already own an Aqua Shot housing you know what great pictures it takes. During this program we will be using this housing. Also, the use of the macro attachment and the auxiliary flash will be covered. It is amazing what you can do with such a simple set-up. If you choose to move on to more elaborate camera set-ups the skills learned in this program will serve as a great foundation.

The underwater photography program consists of one video session at Tiedemann's Diving Center, one pool session and one day of diving during our Dutch Springs Advanced Specialty Weekend.

Each member of the class will need a full set of equipment. Extra equipment needed includes an Aqua Shot housing (which can be rented for the pool session and the dives for only $15), a slate and three recyclable cameras. Members of the class will also need the SSI Specialty Diver book on Underwater Photography. Please check the Calendar for the dates this course will be held.

A deposit of $25.00 will hold a spot for you. The balance is due at the lecture. This includes all instruction, use of Ikelite Aqua Shot housings and your Specialty certification with SSI in Underwater Photography. This program counts as one of the programs needed for SSI Advanced Certification.