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One of the best ways to deal with an emergency it to avoid it.

It's a simple statement yet a very important one. We have found that one reason that divers that are trained well enjoy diving is because they feel that they can control the problems that divers might experience. Practicing the skills like dropping weight belts, breathing without their mask etc., etc. help divers to prepare for problems that might arise. These skills are part of basic open water diver certification. In the Stress & Rescue program we will take you to the next step of being in control.

During your Stress & Rescue course you will learn to assist yourself if an emergency arises. You will learn to assist (rescue) your buddy if he/she has a problem. Over the years, we at Tiedemann's have developed a diver stress and rescue program that will help you to be a better diver. We use a format of intensive training and hands on experience and in one weekend you will learn skills that will serve you well during any diving you may do.

The prerequisites for the program are CPR/First Aid certification. We have a number of CPR/First Aid programs at Tiedemann's, that allow you to receive this certification.

Anyone who is interested in our DiveCon and Instructor Programs has to hold Rescue certification to participate in those programs. The highly prized Master Diver Certification requires the completion of a Stress & Rescue program.

This course is run in conjunction with our Search and Recovery program and is conducted twice a year - the last weekend in June and the last weekend in September. Check our Calendar for the actual dates.

Register by phone, mail or in person at Tiedemann's Diving Center. Class size is very limited, so plan accordingly. Any questions? - Just give us a call at Tiedemann's Diving Center, 516-796-6560.