Search & Recovery

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For some divers the idea of finding something underwater and bringing it to the surface is very exciting. Well if you have ever thought about learning to find things underwater and bring them up, this is the course for you. Building on your "all important navigation skills, we teach you how to locate objects. Then carefully and safely we teach you how to bring them to the surface. A prerequisite for search and recovery is a Navigation course (or equivalent).

From beach diving to wreck diving - search and recovery skills can come in very handy. Don't miss this chance to learn these useful skills. This course is run in conjunction with our Diver Stress & Rescue Weekend program conducted twice a year - the last weekend in June and the last weekend in September. Check our Calendar for the actual dates.

A deposit of $25.00 will hold a position in the class for you. The total cost of the includes all instruction and your Specialty certification with SSI in Search & Recovery. This program counts as one of the programs needed for SSI Advanced Certification.