At Tiedemann's Diving Center we pride ourselves on offering the best possible instruction. All our courses offer divers the challenge of being the best divers they can be. Our Advanced Diver program is one of these excellent programs with flexibility that allows the divers to make the course exactly what he or she wants it to be.

First, this is not a "quickie" weekend program. Divers receiving the SSI Specialty Diver Certification have to log 12 dives and complete two specialties. The 12 logged dives can include all the dives the diver has done to date. With you the diver choosing the two specialties from our large selection.

Divers receiving the prestigious SSI Advanced Diver Certification have to log a total of 24 dives and complete four specialties. The 24 logged dives can include all the dives the diver has done to date. This is truly a certification card to be proud of. With you the diver choosing the four specialties from our large selection. That means this course is custom tailored to your diving interest.

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The Specialty Programs include:

Altitude Diving
Boat Diving (Local)
Computer Diving
Deep Diving
Diver Stress & Rescue
Dry Suit Diving
Equipment Techniques
Enriched Air Nitrox
Night & Limited Visibility Diving
Perfect Buoyancy
Search & Recovery
Underwater Photography
Digital Underwater Photography
Wreck Diving

You can also choose Additional Training courses we offer.

Or for those that want to further their skills, we also offer Technical Training Courses.

These programs provide important certifications that are recognized throughout the dive industry and, in some instances, are mandatory for a specific type of diving. (Nitrox and Cave Diver for instance) Some of these programs can also be overlapped to make them more convenient.

Each program has it's own information section with all the details. Check out all the great diving you can do while learning to be the best diver you can be. Diving is an ongoing process of learning and improving. Those divers who are committed to continuous learning receive the benefit of getting more fun and enjoyment from their diving.

Check out the information today and call us and we'll help you set up a custom Advanced or Specialized Diver program that is just right for you.

General Policies Applying
to all Advanced Programs

  1. If you are interested in an Advanced or Specialty Program, book early as class sizes may be limited.

  2. Deposits are required for all programs and will vary accordingly.

  3. Balances are due before the dives and will vary accordingly.

  4. Students are required for any entrance fees, boat fees and additional air fills where applicable.

  5. Students taking more than one Program at a time are entitled to discounts where applicable.