Wreck Diving

When thinking about Diving on Long Island we usually think about wreck diving. SCUBA Diving and wreck diving are almost synonymous here on Long Island. We feel that you should have the opportunity to try wreck diving to see whether you want to be a Long Island Wreck Diver. We have set up a wreck diving program to help everyone who is interested in wreck diving to have the opportunity to learn about it under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

If Wreck Diving is something you always wanted to try, join us on our Wreck Diving program. You and your buddy will have the chance to dive with an instructor on two of the interesting wrecks located in beautiful Dutch Springs. These very controlled conditions offer a great way for you to be introduced to wreck diving.

Each member of the class will need a full set of equipment and tank. Extra equipment needed includes; dive light, a slate and a compass. Members of the class will also need to read the SSI Specialty Diver book on Wreck Diving.  Upon completion of the course, you are encouraged to join us on any of our local wreck dives or upcoming dive trips.

Our next Wreck Diving course will be held during one of our Advanced/Specialties weekends at Dutch Springs. Check our online Calendar for dates.

Register by phone, mail or in person at Tiedemann's Diving Center. Class size is very limited, so plan accordingly. Any questions? - Just give us a call at Tiedemann's Diving Center, 516-796-6560.