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Cave DiverDivers who already hold a Basic Cave Diver or Introduction to Cave Diver certification or equivalent and want to further explore cave systems, can sign up for our Apprentice Cave Diver course, the third in the NSS-CDS/NACD series of cave diver development courses.

For clarification, an Introduction to Cave Diver certification or equivalent would have been issued if the student successfully completed their course using a single tank with H-valve setup.  A Basic Cave Diver certification or equivalent would have been issued if the student successfully completed their course using doubles.

During your Apprentice Cave Diver course, emphasis is on dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave dives beyond the restrictions imposed on the Basic Cave diver. Techniques learned through the earlier Cavern and Basic/Intro to Cave course are critiqued and expanded. Exposure to different cave diving scenarios is the foundation of this training.

Upon successful completion of your Apprentice Cave Diver course, you will be certified to dive in cave systems using up to 1/3 of your gas supply on doubles.  You will also develop confidence and planning skills to perform simple jumps.  More complex gas management strategies will also be covered.

Important: The Apprentice Cave Diver course represents the first half of the training required to complete the Full Cave Diver level and will result, upon successful completion, in the issuance of a one-year time-limited training card. While you are introduced to more complex navigation techniques, students are required to complete a Full Cave Diver course within the year, and before attempting to plan and execute complex cave dives.  If the student allows their Apprentice Cave Diver certification to expire, the diver will be required to repeat the Apprentice Cave Diver program in full to subsequently dive at that level.

To sign up for this course you need to already be comfortable and proficient diving doubles.

Since some of these dives will be decompression dives, we are requiring Advanced Nitrox certification, and are highly recommending Decompression Procedures certification for anyone taking this course through us.

The estimated cost of the program includes:

Additional costs that are not included are:

A deposit of $100.00 is due as soon as possible to secure you spot for this course. This course requires a minimum of 2 students and can accommodate a maximum of 3 students per Instructor.

A complete list of the equipment requirements and recommendations for this course can be found here: Cavern and Cave Diving Equipment Requirements.

Some of the additional required equipment items, as well as tanks (for those who are flying down) can be rented in Florida.

It is also strongly encouraged that you discuss the suitability of the equipment you own with the course coordinator Jim Vafeas before bringing it to class. Equally important, do not purchase any new equipment for Cavern or Cave Diver training without discussing it with us first. Equipment that isn't right can distract from your enjoyment of Cavern and Cave Diving, and interfere with the learning process. In some instances, it can actually be unsafe. Please contact the course coordinator Jim Vafeas with all your equipment questions and concerns through the shop.

Do not miss the chance to challenge your diving skills and see some of the most spectacular sights to be seen underwater. We, at the Tiedemann's Diving Center are committed to the making our divers their very best.

Register by phone or in person at Tiedemann’s Diving Center. Any questions? – Just give us a call at 516-796-6560.


Read Cavern and Cave Diving - Not Like Any Other Specialty...