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For divers in the Northeast the phrase "Wreck Dive" is the one that fires our imagination most. We have some of the most interesting wreck dives in the world just a short distance from our Long Island shores.

Using the expertise gained in a Cavern Diving course will help to make you the very best wreck diver you can be. Cavern and Cave divers are simply the best-trained divers out there.

This program, which teaches us how to deal with an overhead environment, helps us to be at our best when we are wreck diving. It also opens up a whole new world that can be found in Central Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean.

But even if you don't plan on doing much Wreck or Cavern diving, the skills and disciplines taught in this course, like equipment streamlining, buoyancy control and propulsion techniques will help you to dive in a more environmentally sensitive manner around reefs and other fragile aquatic life.

This course develops the skills and knowledge necessary for safe cavern diving which include: Primary reel use, alternative propulsion techniques, buoyancy control, touch contact communication and air-sharing procedures. Special emphasis in this unique environment include anti-silting techniques, dealing with entanglements, equipment modification and emergency procedures.

To qualify for this course, you must posses Advanced Certification, above-average buoyancy skills and be ready for some intense training.

The estimated cost of the program includes:

Each student is required to purchase the NACD Cavern/Cave Diver Student WorkbookThis workbook is used through all levels of Cave Diver training.

A deposit of $50.00 is due as soon as possible to secure you spot for this course. This course requires a minimum of 2 students and can accommodate a maximum of 4 students.  With only 2 students, the cost of the course increases by $50.00.  If taking this course in conjunction with Introduction to Cave / Basic Cave Diver, a deposit of $100.00 will be due.

A complete list of the equipment requirements and recommendations for this course can be found here: Cavern and Cave Diving Equipment Requirements.

Some of the additional required equipment items, as well as tanks (for those who are flying down) can be rented in Florida.

It is also strongly encouraged that you discuss the suitability of the equipment you own with the course coordinator Jim Vafeas before bringing it to class. Equally important, do not purchase any new equipment for Cavern or Cave Diver training without discussing it with us first. Equipment that isn't right can distract from your enjoyment of Cavern and Cave Diving, and interfere with the learning process. In some instances, it can actually be unsafe. Please contact the course coordinator Jim Vafeas with all your equipment questions and concerns through the shop.

Do not miss the chance to challenge your diving skills and see some of the most spectacular sights to be seen underwater. We, at the Tiedemann's Diving Center are committed to the making our divers their very best.

Register by phone or in person at Tiedemann’s Diving Center. Any questions? – Just give us a call at 516-796-6560.


Read Cavern and Cave Diving - Not Like Any Other Specialty...